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Maternity Hospital Elite
: | : Admin | 27-12-2005

In accordance with our long experienced work we propose the improvement of maternity hospital. It will facilitate the work of the staff and increase its effectiveness.

In modern obstetrics it is assumed to deliver in supinely position. By the way it is a well-known fact that .the women of many nationalities deliver very easily, without any complications. It is explained by the following: during the whole prenatal period, particularly the first period of delivery is spent in upright posture on feet and active movements.

Proceeding from above-mentioned the parturient shouldnt lie passively; she must do different active movements dictated by nature. In this case the delivery arm-chair of a new design is proposed. It has a horse shoe-shape with lifting and downing ring. The woman can do any active movements sitting there and learning on its horizontal bar: knees bend, knees-joint, movement-sideways and so on. If requested the arm-chair can

Easily be converted (changed) into delivery chair and the parturient can spend the certain period of delivery in sitting position.

For positive outcome of the delivery the womans behavior is very important at the end of pregnancy, especially during the first period of delivery, including rational and suitable providing of the womans organism and fetus with oxygen.

1. Prenatal words should be mower spacious the part of the walls is left free with horizontal tube bars fixed on them by perimeter. Leaning on them the woman can walk along the walls of the word and periodically do gymnastically exercises: bending down, bending forward, backward, sideways. Such horizontal bars should be located in the maternity hall.

2. At least Swedish walls with width of 1m must be installed at 2 places. It will allow the pregnant woman to do exercises in the position when the back is hanged to the wall raising and downing the legs. During the performance of such exercises the lateral pressure on abdomen is increased from the sides and the front promoting longitudinal position of the fetus and the best fixation of its haed in the small pelvis.

3. Special horizontal trainer is also proposed for abdominal and lumbar muscles. By this trainer while sitting the woman can bend the legs pressing against abdomen and straighten them up.

Holding the legs in such position and closely pressing them against abdomen is due to special design of our trainer in which there are reciprocal springs being tightened by the legs effort during their straightening causes easy movements holding the legs in such position, Interabdominal pressure is also increased providing the change of the angle between the longitudinal axis of the fetus and entrance flatness into the small pelvis.

For prenatal period, particularly during delivery regular oxygenation of the mothers organism and the fetus is requested. Usually oxygenic inhalation is assumed.

By the way for the hypoxia the oxygen being in the stomach cavity causes its slow restoration in the blood creating steady long-lasting oxygen concentration in organism, whereas for inhalation method it is increased only during inhaling and is lasted for a short time. Besides it occurs due to discomforts during breathing and so on.

The proposed composition of oxygenic foam consists of 6 ingredients Geksada by Danielyan. There is another innovation for our maternity hospital.

Charkovsky proposed the idea of delivery in water. According to this idea the parturient stays in aqueous medium during the whole period of delivery.

This theory was practically applied in many countries.

To avoid serious deficiencies for delivery in water and to use that rational which occurs during appearance of neonates (new-born) directly in water, passing the influence of gravitational overloads, the device is proposed for implementation of the given objective. In addition the work of the staff is simplified regarding to the care after the newborn, treatment of respiratory tracts, reanimation and so on.

The device is used by the following way: the both is filled with water at designed temperature and rolled up to the delivery arm-chair, and then it is closely placed between the parturient legs and fixed. After the birth, neonates turns out to be directly in the water. In addition, the neonates thoracic girdle is arranged on support and the head is on headrest which is fixed for requested position. It provides convenience for the performance of necessary manipulations by medical staff concerning to the care and reanimation of the newborn. The bath with the newborn is left near the arm-chair.

Being near his mother the umbilical cord of the newborn is cut off only after full stop of fetoplacentral blood circulating that is the stop- of umbilical cord pulsation lasting for 6-7 minutes Placental blood is very useful for the newborn, as it contains a lot of ferments, hormones particularly requested for the first period of his life.

At the same time quite a new structure of Cuvez (incubator) is created for the newborns, which profitably differs from all existing similar apparatus.

Cesarean operation will be performed on the highest level, the description of which is given in our monograph Cesarean section. There are 29 patented discoveries and rationalization proposals for the main features of the operation.

Among them it is important to note the following:

- Cesarean section is considered to be the bloodiest operation. When using our Method of prophylaxis and of hemorrhage during the operation of cesarean section, the blood loss is lower in comparison with physiological norm for normal deliveries.

- All operations of cesarean section will be performed strictly by the indications due to the proposed Table of Estimations by the degree of agreeable factors and relative indications of the operation of cesarean section

- The problem of cesarean section is solved by a new way regarding to the prolapsed of umbilical in uterus and abdominal cavity.

- This is a number of proposals on post operation period, specifically, hydratation of the organism orally, by injection of vitamin zed liquor.

- Special apparatus was designed by means of which transverse and oblique lie of the fetus is corrected reducing operative delivery.

- New modification of midwifery forceps is proposed.

- The treatment of all gynecologic diseases will be performed according to our new proposals.

- Now for the treatment of one of the most widespread types of sterility (infertility) turbine obstruction, insufflations of the fallopian tube is performed which is less effective and very dangerous. Our method of long-lasting hydrotubiation under lower pressure is the most effective and non-hazardous.

- Istmical and cervical failure very often occurs during habitual fetal losses. The method of uterine neck raspy was developed and is widely used for the given pathology which is less painful and metros taxis in comparison with the existing one.

It is very important the treatment of the period after the operation of cesarean section for example prevention and elimination of post operation commissars, rational treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases using immunostimulants. New physiological method for growing of the purity of vagina flora is proposed.

There are also such new effective approved methods for treatment of uterine neck erosion which can be successfully and widely used during the treatment of this pathology.

Thus a lot of patented methods and apparatus will be used in the maternity hospital Elite.

Author: Dr. Karlos D. Danielyan
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