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A contribution by
Tigran Babasyan.
Honorary Doctor of the International Academy of Sciences on Nature and Society.
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As churches sprang up within the Roman world, Eusebius, bishop of Caesarea (who lived from about 260 to 340) boasted: Persians who have become [Christ`s] disciples no longer marry their mothers, nor Scythians feed on human flesh, because of Christ`s word which has come even unto them, nor other races of Barbarians have incestuous union with daughters and sisters, nor do men madly lust after men and pursue unnatural pleasures, nor do those, whose practice it formerly was, now expose their dead kindred to dogs and birds, nor strangle the aged, as they did formerly, nor do they feast according to their ancient custom on the flesh of their dearest friends when dead, nor like the ancients offer human sacrifices to the demons as to gods, nor slaughter their dearest friends and think it piety.(Shafer Parker, It`s 50 B.C. All Over Again, The Report. December 20, 1999, p. 39).ABSTRACT
Since time immemorial the driving force behind the entire vital activity of the sound part of humanity has been the endeavor to reach the realm of the truth as the ultimate purpose of life, to enjoy the divine communion with the supreme authority. Yet it is these true seekers` lot to leave behind a certain part of their lives before heavens should disclose to them that as long as they are opposed by another large and insane portion of humankind called gentiles this truth is never ordained to become the feast of eyes. How to handle the gentiles is the prime question of these days. With all the tawdry cliché of cultural diversity they are tightly knit into, it is also apparent that gentiles stand for a human species prone to deviations on the civilization scale. We strongly believe that the subsequent tract, for all its brevity, serves a pattern toward a scientifically correct identification and neutralization of the pernicious effects from the existence of this culturally obsolete and civilizationally wasteful social product.

Key Words: Christianity, paganism, psychology, law, politics.
1. The psycho-physiological image of the gentile/stray culture is inextricably tied with the incest as a telling aberration of any societal organization that has espoused the theomachist strain. A closed society is always open to a sin. Balked against the individualism of the Christian worldview the isolated pagan polities resting upon clan/tribe bonds are prone to yield incest as the only sound interpersonal psycho-physiological connection against the backdrop of overwhelming sodomy which constitutes the imminent social and moral product of a gentile society. This unsound behavioral ardor embosses the insanity in the minds of the pagan citizenry which after a while needed for this routine to catch on becomes a conclusive pattern in shaping up social ideology of the given polity. With this kind of ideology the gentile society transmutes into a sodomite democracy where challenging God becomes a public entertainment, the truth a vice, and the lie the linchpin of social behavior. In this connection, however, a question suggests itself: Where does the sodomite democracy stem from? Undoubtedly, it hails from the depths of a circuitous heathen culture staking on kinship/tribal relationships which are specified by the innermost fleshly desires poked up by self-imposed pagan rites and basically preclude or considerably impede the members of one clan/tribe from intercourse with people from a different one or from civilians at large. The inevitable incestuous rotation thus growing into yet another implicit gentile tradition, forges also the incestuous legal, administrative, and economic circulation inside such a miscarried society. The consolidated sodomite drive against laws of nature and the divine commandments redounds on the abortive society the gentiles have established with most exquisite arsenal of self-extermination: members of such a sodo-gentile society can`t live in peace because inside their culture they are used to living as enemies to each other, or to put it in other words, they are engaged in a dramatic subliminal quest for self-identity in each other. This futile penchant, however, imminently leads to an individual debacle cause if you are not filled with God who is the prerequisite of peace and who is the only way of self-identification, then you are doomed to a ubiquitous animus because you are filled with the Adversary . To protect themselves against themselves they even concoct a ramified legal system solemnly crowned by the Fundamental Law the foundation of which seems to be the frenzied chase of an enemy. This stage of the statist metaphysics, as applied to American reality, is portrayed with a few strokes by an American lawyer J. F. Dilton: The absolutely unique feature of the political and legal institutions of the American Republic is its written Constitutions which are organic limitations whereby people by an act of unprecedented wisdom have protected themselves against themselves. (W. Seagle, History of Law, 1946, p.299).
2. And so the vicious circle is actuated over and over again. In the long run it transpires that the only enemy of this type of society based upon the self-restricted and inevitably incestuous traditions of stray culture is God, especially in his earthly embodiment, to wit Christ Jesus. To put it in other words, unless the kinship/clan-based society is overcome it is impossible to talk of a truly democratic, i.e. Christian society. Hence it is safe to say that the democracy in the political sense of the word starts with the disintegration of the gentile community. Only in this way can each individual be personally responsible for his thoughts and deeds to God; otherwise the gentile legislation will make him sin on, i.e. cultivate the subversive mendacity as a norm of social behaviour. It is an ineluctable spiritual axiom with men that as soon as they turn to God they desist from abiding by the gentile/secular law. And it is not occasional: having experienced the power of the direct accountability to God, no one will ever turn back to the hidebound, parochial, backward, and hopelessly obscure world of the irresponsibility of the legal positivism.
3. One more seminal observation on the gentile/stray culture might be its mono-ethnic composition. While structured around the clan-based social totem, to wit the gentile polity, and being woven into the intricate pattern of the sinful pagan fabric, this kind of human organization absolves itself from whatever obligation in societal terms; the only charisma for these people becomes playing up for their posterity so that the ossified rites and hidebound precepts of the millenia-old parasitizing social organism stay intact and be handed down. Some may argue this trend to be exemplary also for Christian civilization. But the spate of incestuous generations with massive psychopathic deviations prove to the contrary. The point is that the ethnic self isolation and individual complacence of these cultures proceed at the expense of inner degeneration. Hence it is easy to visualize the baneful aftermath of the infiltration of the representatives from such social units into the Western/Christian system which draws upon the collaborative relationships between individuals from different social and ethnic backgrounds who are cemented by all-expiating freedom of the Christian doctrine behind the democratic ideology of the Western nation -states or, as we are inclined to put them, Christian nations. For yet another time we come to the imminent conclusion that the elements of stray/pagan cultures should not be admitted to the activities inside the state institutions of the Western nations without being duly indoctrinated and checked for their ideological aptitude first. More plainly, we are positive that the subversive socio-cultural processes cumulatively specified as corrupt practices are nothing less than the application of ideological clichés and practical technique worked out inside a pagan social organization and entrusted to its agents to erode the Christian society which otherwise is called democracy. This utterly vague and ambiguous political layout described in the foregoing which is so tellingly adverse to the western countries at the present time, to say nothing of the pro-Western dwarfs like Armenia, Ukraine, Georgia, and others with their sham allegiance to the Christian doctrine and virtual political status of a failed state, raises a straight question: Who and in what way is going to ensure the reinstatement of the functionality of bedrock principles enshrined in the ethical norms of the Western political doctrine that entirely rests upon the concept of the global hegemony of the Christian civilization in the name and on behalf of Christ Jesus? Just in case we will venture to offer a suggestion to those would-be enablers of this crucially important reform: The only way to pull it off is to groom the Constitutions of the Western countries by incorporating respective amendments into the Preamble and other respective sections of this fundamental legal instrument toward the unambiguous formulation of the religious prevalence of the Christian doctrine in the legal and judicial systems. Technically this can be enabled only through the actuation of the concept of Christian faith at the socio-economic and ideological levels. This reform will automatically crank up a system of synchronized references in all legal codes of the national legislation towards uninhibited application of the norms of justice in the life of civil society.
4. Nowadays nationalism is perhaps the only pronounced and active avatar of the gentile species. It is when the lack of a Nation is filled in with a set of sporadic constructs justifying its intentional derangement by the gentiles. The point is that a Nation in a true sense of the word is a set of constitutional principles enforced basing on ideological doctrine by the selected staff of government officials devoted to the prevalence of justice in societal life. By contrast, Nationalism stands for frenzied ideological spillovers of the gentile segments of the population of the nation state which have rightfully been ousted from the decision-making and administrative activities of the methodically functioning nation state. Worded differently, a Nation is a commonwealth of citizens sharing the norms of the Christian doctrine, while Nationalism is a challenge to the Nation; a Nation is aimed at removing and preventing problems, whereas Nationalism is the avowed creator thereof. In fact, nationalism is the prime symptom of the national insufficiency which can be overcome only provided it is swayed by an overarching religious system, - the Christian religiopolitical doctrine.
5. The foregoing arguments would be untenable if not supported by the most fundamental and atavistic proclivity in the behavior and life activity of the gentile/stray culture: its inimitable endowment of replication. Among the myriads of things it duplicates on daily basis are the Constitutions of the Western countries which, though far from being ideal, still provide for the bill-filling maintenance of Western civilization, and moreover, give a new lease of life also to the present-day sociopolitical miracles like China, India, Japan, Singapore, and others. Still, sad as it sounds, one has to admit that in religious terms even the Constitutions at issue are replications of the divine precepts laid down in the Letters of St. Paul and, indubitably, aimed at building an ecumenical society called Church of Christ that needs to be governed by the constructive principles of integrity so inherent in God. So the choke point of the present-day western/Christian political system appears to be the ever enlarging gap between the religious precepts supporting this system and the technical modes this system governs itself. If, however, we endeavor to find out who is behind that incessant copying, we imminently will arrive at a logically unique conclusion: the locally organized pagan community that, incidentally, is also perfectly networked globally. Having plagiarized the Bible the principal, i.e. the aggregate of polytheist deities (their notoriously buoyant triad of Astarte, Molech, and Mammon), behind that old and nasty game has been staking on the lie as the capital weakness of man and the mortal evidence against him in matters concerning the divine retribution. Yet nowhere in the secular Constitutions can it be found that an unambiguous reference to the Atonement Blood of Christ be made, and this is not accidental. Had this reference been made as the keynote stipulation of the entire legislative system, the latter would be actuated in the spirit of God, to wit justice. Meanwhile, as we know, the replication of the divine and only justice in the mundane interpretation boils down to the formidable institutionalized punitive system that traverses all spheres of the secular rule hierarchy, something that has little, if anything, to do with the concept of the New Testament espoused by the Western civilization. In addition, as we see it, the secular administrative culture builds exclusively on the written law because the Word, the modality of a sound societal life, belongs to God. Under the lay statist conditions even if you promise, you do it for the state (the copy of the Church of Christ) and not on your behalf because you are accountable to God by your own will, while to the state you are also accountable by your will that has been replicated by a formidable statist machinery that, as the case may be, produces the authorized copy of your will in a variety of legal, i.e. written ways, but always in the light favorable for its secular interests that are not always in line with your benefits. By contrast, God accepts your verbal vow which benefits your individual growth and strengthens your personality: it is in your own interest to keep your vow. Evidently, the secular polity has nothing to say: that`s why it resorts to written regulations. It is benumbed by its own ploy: having neglected the Word of Life this statist machine of compulsory survival has bereft itself of the modality of perpetuation.
6. To summarize the above discourse, we would point out some crucially important postulates undergirded by the following considerations. First, the society of the stray political system is largely a pagan/kinship/incestuous community void of any reasonable organizational and sound administrative leverages towards ensuring general welfare. The driving force behind its activity is the perverted chase of enemies which means that this type of society has a congenital predisposition to mental and behavioral disorders because it is swayed by the hallucinogenic incitations of the antichristian cultures fed off the destructive teachings of the remotest antiquity acting on the subconscious level and aiming at the social predominance of a narrow religious clan that is opposed to the monotheist political culture of the sound state system of the Christian age and represents the wasteful pagan lifestyle which only consumes the societal achievements of the religio- political reality created by the Christian West. Thus the war declared inside the stray polity against each other devours the civilian resources of such a polity on daily basis. In a way this system is always victorious in that it is made up of enemies only who gain no end of victories over each other. That`s why what stands for a victory in human understanding, is construed as a smashing defeat in the eyes of God. This reality comes to attest to the fact that peace can only belong to its maker, i.e. God who has won a victory men can never do, and who invites men to share the peace emanating from that victory by giving allegiance to God`s only Son through whom this victory has reached fruition. Incidentally, at the level of mainstream science the etiology of stray cultures meshes full well with the catamnesis of failed states to a dot. The pathology curve of religio-political behavior of stray cultures is rather limited. It swings between two extremes, both of them being destructive: either the bottom position of an already ruined failed state or the peak position of politically cynical, mendacious, and omnivorous statist machine poised for its self-destruction. Second, to follow up on the preceding property of this sort of polities, it must be said that the ideology of a stray culture is entirely predicated on the numinous and mendacious mythological concept that goes counter to the norms of a sound social organization. The blatant example of such a miscarried polity was the Third Reich with its stinking concept of the prevalence of the Teutonic race which was a pathogenic figment of Himmler`s ailing mind. Third, the ongoing trends in the development of the secular Western states graphically demonstrate that, due to the negligence of the tenets underlying the Western states/Christian nations, they are being devoured by the ever more conspicuous percolation of the stray/neo-pagan elements into the public infrastructure of the Western civilization which process is fraught with the loss of religious identity of Christian nations. Fourth, the expansion of neo-paganism must and can be stopped by the revitalization of the Word of God, not only through the amelioration of the legislations of the nation states, but also through the discovery of its applied implications, by using the esoteric weaponry bequeathed to us by our Lord Jesus Christ. This will absolve Christian nations of any further need of arms race because the Word of God has always proved to work more victorious miracles than any kind of arms past or present. The name of this weapon is Life against which Death dashes and crumbles away. So there is no need to cause death if death itself can be stripped of any cause or reason. With God everything is workable.
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