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Energy of future
Категория: Новости | Новость от: admin | 02-04-2014

Energy of future

Vanush Davtyan, Gagik Gharagyozyan, Rafael Tumanyan
(+374 99) 550371, (+374 91) 510293

The humanity needs new sources of safe, clean and available energy. The most appropriate source for future is the nuclear fusion. Among many possibilities of fusion the tokamak is good choice as show the ITER project. But there are problems with plasma lifetime and the ITER is very expensive. Many scientists and engineers are works for solution of these problems. We have found a possibility to reduce significantly the size, materials and cost of reactor.

The development of human civilization is based on using and developing of energy sources additional to man power. The energy of fire and sun are first kinds of additional energies used by manhood which are rise the power of man. The domestication of animals is multiply the energy sources of humanity. In 19th century the era of machines and novel sources of energy, which are raise up the humanity to new horizon. Then come nuclear energy sources, but they are radioactive and dangerous. They are radiate and are explode damaging ecology, industry and human health. We need safe, powerful and available sources of energy. What is the solution of this problem? The controlled fusion is the future of world production of energy. There are many variants of fusion and the thermonuclear fusion in that number. The ITER project is the proof of this. But the tokamak small lifetime and density of plasma is the main problem of controlled nuclear fusion devices as tokamaks. The lifetime and density of plasma is restricted by tokamak toroidal magnetic field heterogeneity, which can be compensated by several methods. It is known that heterogeneities of external conditions (fields) restricted the attainable limits of ensemble or plasma parameters, but it is impossible to struggle against them by application of constant fields due to Maxwell equations. The heterogeneity of spatial distribution and their concrete choice have, of course, great impact on possible parameters of plasma determined by particles interaction. The usage of variable fields gives to fields the additional degree of freedom, which is doing possible to decrease significantly the particles interaction. We study the influence of such fields on the parameters (temperature, density and live duration) of charged particle ensembles or plasma in dependence of external and preliminary conditions and characteristic parameters of fields such as amplitude, frequency and spatial distribution. The electromagnetic fields and their interaction with charges are the one of the most important branches of physics. Our modern Hi Tech culture is based and used different cases of this interaction. Especially is important consideration of heterogeneous and non-stationary fields, which are possible to use for solving of tokamak problems. The modernity is seen from international projects in these directions (ITER for thermonuclear fusion in tokamak). There are many theoretical and experimental works and publications on these branches, we can underline, that international conferences too. The variable electromagnetic fields can have strong focusing influence on plasma as known in accelerator physics. This is equivalent to poloidal field, which if applying to plasma are increase the lifetime about ten times, but stronger few 10 times. So the lifetime and density of plasma are increased and the sizes and cost of fusion reactor are decreased about 100 times. The nuclear fusion can be done in smaller reactor and with higher density instead of ITER tokamak with radius about 6 m. We elucidate the optimization of these two parameters.

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